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<transcy>Japanese black tea</transcy>


Plucking / 2020 Fukuoka
Variety / Benifuuki
Contents / 50g [for about 25 cups]

It features a rich aroma reminiscent of white flowers and nectar, and a long-lasting finish in the mouth.
You can also mix 10g of tea leaves with 1ℓ of water and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight to make cold tea with water.
We will wrap it in a tea canister that expresses the full scent of tea.

The recipe for making delicious tea is described in the booklet and included in the booklet, so please try brewing it for reference.
Freshness is important for tea leaves, so please use up as soon as possible after you receive them.


Keeping days: about 6 months

Storage method: Room temperature

・ Shipping in principle, It's done every Thursday.

・ If payment cannot be confirmed by the day of shipment, we will transfer to the next week's shipment.

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    - 本州・四国・九州 ¥860

    - 北海道 ¥940

    - 沖縄 ¥1,575



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